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The services of Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities in the comfort of a cozy home environment

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Azure Senior Care Home 
at SW 45th Ave

AzureSenior Care Home
at Lake Oswego

What are we?

We are private-pay (no Medicaid contract) licensed adult care homes in the Portland, Tigard, Beaverton and Lake Oswego area providing senior living and care for older adults licensed through the county and state. Before a care home can operate and given a license, the home is inspected for safety while the operator and care staff are required to have a professional level of prior experience in caregiving, attend required trainings/classes and follow the strict licensing requirements for on-going operations. 

What can I expect from Azure Senior Care Homes?

The services offered are similar to a huge senior living community but in a more intimate setting. Every location has private suites for individuals and a master suite or couples' suite. Our care homes are created to have a great living privacy intended for the residents with a home-like feel.

We offer the same professional care in a more personalized way with a smaller resident to staff ratio. We consult with our in-house RN for care management, we have life enrichment activities and we offer wholesome home-cooked meals. We arrange for a visiting hair stylist, nail care and diabetic foot care nurse based on the preference of the resident. 


We hand-pick our care staff through screening not only their skills and professional qualifications but we pay close attention to their values, background and what drives them to make a difference through this profession.

Our base rate is competitive to other long-term care facilities. We start our base rate between $3000-3500 depending on the care home location and room size. A care level cost will be determined after the initial evaluation of care needs.

Is an adult care home right for me or my loved one?

An adult care home is licensed for a maximum of 5 residents per home. Our staffing ratio, at the minimum, is 1 caregiver to 5 residents. This is in comparison to 10 or more residents to 1 caregiver in huge assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing facilities. We provide a warm, non-institutional, home-like environment where both quality of life and care needs are met. We are truly a home with health care in it. 

While some residents may benefit from a huge community setting and the amenities assisted living facilities can offer, as they need more care beyond what their staffing ratio they can provide, an adult care home becomes a better suited care and living option for them.

If you are not sure about your care level needs for Azure Senior Care Homes, feel free to contact us and our RN will assist you with an initial screening through a phone call or a tour.






phone - 971-272-2700

email  -

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